The Art of Microblading: The New Answer For Perfect Eyebrows

The Art of Microblading: The New Answer For Perfect Eyebrows

Some may argue that the eyes are the window to the soul. Well since the eyebrows help frame the eyes, they too, significantly influence our expression and impact how we look. What do we do if our eyebrows fade or age? What do we do if we simply don’t like the eyebrows we were born with? Years of tweezing, plucking, and waxing, or just the mere consequence of certain medical conditions such as thyroid disease can cause your eyebrows to thin. The answer may lie in a new tattoo-like technique called Microblading.

Microblading is a new semi-permanent service now being offered at Synergy Wellness & MediSpa. The procedure will allow our Certified Permanent Cosmetic Professional to fill out or reshape your eyebrows, and leave them looking completely full and natural.

How is it done?

Microblading is performed with a hand-held tool that creates tiny incisions, or “microstrokes”, in the skin. Before the procedure begins, the skin is anesthetized with a topical numbing cream to minimize any discomfort. After the tiny strokes are created, a pigment is then applied along these microstrokes. Once the pigment is absorbed, these microstrokes will have the appearance of fine hair to create the look of fuller, more defined eyebrows. The pigment used for microblading has a special base which allows the color to softly fade over time and ultimately vanish – unlike the harsh inks used in permanent tattoos. Your new eyebrows should last for approximately one year. The process itself is extremely meticulous, and often takes approximately two hours to complete.

At Synergy Wellness & MediSpa, our certified professional has perfected the technique to be nearly painless. During your first session, we will custom design your eyebrow shape based on your bone structure, eye placement, face shape, and personal taste. Once the procedure is performed, our clients are then advised to return in 4 weeks for a complimentary touch-up. This service completes the process and only takes 1 hour – this will give your new eyebrows that 3D effect!

The best part about microblading is that there is no down time. Your new set of eyebrows will be “selfie-ready” immediately after the process with no risk of permanent scarring.

What is the healing process?

During the healing process, your eyebrows will slightly change over time. At first, your eyebrows will appear dark and defined. After 7-10 days, the color will slightly fade and the definition will soften. The final result will be seamless and natural looking eyebrows. The entire healing process will take approximately 25-30 days.

Microblading is a great new option for those who are battling hair loss at either their eyebrows, or even at the scalp. The procedure is relatively painless, and most importantly, it’s very low maintenance – no special care is required, except for a brief touch-up once or twice a year.

Normal, aesthetically pleasing eyebrows play an important role in facial expression, and are a fundamental part of the healthy youthful appearance. Here at Synergy Wellness & MediSpa, our providers can help reshape and color your eyebrows to fit the changes in your skin, as well as the changes of popular trends. So if you’re ready for fuller and healthier looking eyebrows, give us a call at (732) 268-8324 to schedule your appointment, or visit us at“We’re fully dedicated to a better you.”